5 Signs You Need Gutter Replacement

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Gutters are a crucial part of any home. They help protect your property from rain and snow, as well as leaves and other debris that the wind might carry. When gutters start to show signs of wear and tear, it might be time to replace them before they do more damage.

Unfortunately, gutters are not a glamorous topic. They’re usually hidden from view and out of mind until they stop working properly and start leaking. But it’s important to know the signs that your gutter needs a little help as soon as possible, or you may end up with costly repairs later on. Keep reading to know what can happen if not replaced on time and signs that can help you identify if your gutter needs to be replaced.

What Can Happen If Not Replaced On Time

Many people don’t often think about their gutters if they’re working properly. However, gutters are extremely important for your home. Without them, water will simply run off the roof and onto whatever is beneath it – often leading to serious damage throughout the entire structure.

Some of the common issues that can arise due to old gutters include:

  • Leaky roofs
  • Rotting interior walls
  • Cracked ceilings
  • Water damage to the insulation in your attic
  • Rotten floors and mold growth

Signs That It’s Time To Replace Gutters

If gutters are allowed to fall into disrepair, serious problems with the overall structure may occur. Fortunately, here are 5 signs homeowners can be aware of:


Gutters that are cracked are about as useless as a bucket with a hole in the bottom. Cracks will allow water to spill out, causing it to gush down the side of your home and pool on the ground.

Sagging Gutter

Gutters are held up by brackets, which can become loose over time. When gutter brackets begin to sag under the weight of water, they hold back; it’s a sign that your gutter is weakened and should be replaced immediately.

Paint Begins To Peel

Gutters that aren’t properly working might ruin a perfectly good paint job. Look for any peeling or bubbling of the exterior paint on your home. Check the condition of the nearest gutter wherever you find a section of damaged paint.

Even if your painted gutters are peeling, there’s a good chance you have a leak. If the peeling paint covers more than one or two locations, consider gutter replacement rather than repair.


Rust is another sure sign that your gutter needs to be replaced. Rotting guttering often begins with rust, which can spread and cause more damage if not tended to soon enough.

Broken Fasteners

Gutters are held in place by fasteners, gutter nails, and gutter clips. If these pieces of hardware begin to break or disappear altogether, it’s an indicator that there may be a larger issue with your gutters. There are only a few reasons why hangers may break, and the majority of them are due to a faulty installation.

Hire Professional Gutter Services In Louisville, Ky

If you’re experiencing any of the above signs, it’s time to contact professional gutter services in Louisville, KY. The experts at Gutter Gorilla can help you with all of your gutters needs!

We can provide you with:

  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Gutter guards
  • Gutter cleaning

We have 30 years of combined experience maintaining above-industry standards and focusing on client satisfaction in all of our exterior services.

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