Actionable Ways to Clean Your Gutters During Winter

Gutter cleaning is the best way to extend the life of your gutters. This work is common during spring or fall, and it is important to prevent water damage by removing all debris that the gutter may have.

Bad gutter cleaning can cause water to pool, and stagnant water produces pests such as mosquitoes. So, why should you worry about gutter cleaning during cold winters if big troubles are during warm seasons? Well, there is an answer: Ice.

Ice Damage

During early winter days, there are a few leaves still falling from trees; these leaves could fall into the gutter, causing clogging. Gutters are designed to allow the water to flow without any problem. However, if water pools, it will easily freeze when the temperature drops.

Water expands on freezing, so it can push the joints of the gutter and create cracks. In addition, ice is heavy, and gutters are not made to support so much weight and can come off. 

If there is ice accumulation in the gutter, water can no longer drain properly from the roof. As a result, more and more water accumulates on the roof and can freeze as it reaches the ice buildup, compounding the problem.

Tips To Winter Gutter Cleaning

Ideally, gutters should be cleaned in the early winter, after leaves have fallen from the trees. Nevertheless, if you forgot to do it before having ice buildup, you can still try to melt the ice to allow the water to pass through.

If you decide to do this by yourself, here are a few tips that may help you:

  • Use hot water: You can try to melt the ice with hot water. This method may need a lot of water, so make sure you have enough.
  • Use a rubber mallet: Bring a ladder so you can reach the gutter, then gently hit the ice with a rubber mallet until it breaks apart. You have to be careful about how hard you hit the ice; you don’t want to damage the gutter.
  • Remember downspouts: If the gutter is clean, but there is ice anyways, you might have debris in your downspouts. Look for leaves or dirt and remove them.

Trust Professional Gutter Services, Gutter Gorilla

Doing it yourself could be cheaper, but sometimes it is very risky. You don’t want to be on the roof with all that slippery ice; you should hire Gutter Gorilla instead!

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