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February 6, 2024

I called the main number on Friday and reached a VM, but it was a bit after hours, so I didn’t want to leave a long/confusing message.

I also sent an email to the general info@ email I found, and wanted to follow it up with this submission as well to confirm that the email was not spam/sales.

My contact numbers:cel631.729.0989 main> 855-9-USNES Ex709

I am David Allen, a journalist with US News and Business Report, and I am writing a positive article series titled:“The Stories of Local Business” . We thought you might be a fit, so I am trying to reach the proper contact.

To be extremely clear, this is not a solicitation of any type. We would never require compensation of any kind to be involved with our articles. If you are not already familiar with our firm, feel free to Google:US News and Business Report.

This is an interesting ongoing series of “stand-alone” pieces we have been writing for local papers and news outlets. (origin story, experiences, opinions/different aspects of your profession, operating in this economy Etc. )

I can send more info/overview, or it might be best to set up an informal prelim call to review the article.

This is my phone Gmail contact, but all of my main contact info is below.

David Allen

US News & Business Report


Cell:(631) 729-0989


Interview Contact :

David Allen

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December 19, 2023


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Chris Bruce

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December 7, 2023


Is your company name – Gutter Gorilla, located in Louisville, KY? Correct me if I am wrong that your business involve in your industry?

This email you are currently reading is called “cold outreach” marketing. I get huge result from such customized messages, now you can do the same too. I can help you do outreach to US’s companies, if you are in B2B.

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Lester S.

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