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Gutter guards are devices that prevent clogged systems due to leaves, twigs, sticks, and other debris that force the water over the side of the gutter. That debris can cause damage to the foundation plantings and itself.

Gutter guards cover the gutter openings with a mesh screen that only allows water to pass, blocking the entry of the different debris that rain or wind can bring into the gutters. Find out more benefits of having gutter guards.

Gutter Guards Benefits

More than stopping debris from getting inside your gutters. Gutter Guards offers you:

  • Savings: Clogged gutters have to be cleaned, and in some major circumstances, they have to be removed and reinstalled, which means higher costs and more time-consuming reparations. Gutter guards offer you to save money and time in those circumstances.
  • Prevention of Critters: You might hate having clogged gutters; instead, critters love to make their houses there due to the water and debris located there. Gutter guards offer you calmness regarding knowing that any pests will be living in there.
  • Water Flow on Cold Temperatures: Gutter Guards guarantee the water flow in winter seasons without letting ice dams crack or damage the gutter’s infrastructure.
  • Fire Protection: When there’s debris in your gutters, there is a higher possibility for your house to get fired. With gutter guards, you will not have debris and either a chance to fire.
  • Constant water flows: Quickly, easy water flows through the system and a lightweight of your gutters thanks to gutter guards. 

DIY Your Gutter Guards

You can DIY your gutter guards; however, there is no guarantee that they will last longer than with a professional system. Find out the most common steps of DIY your gutter guards with a roll of wire mesh, a box of nails, washers, a box of screws, and an optional outdoor paint.

  • Clean and reinforce the gutters with a sealant
  • Spray the mesh with the outdoor paint if you want to waterproof them
  • Cut the rolls in a bigger size than the actual gutter to be able to screw it down
  • Attach the mesh on the top of the gutters
  • Slide the mesh under the roof shingles
  • Attach with a drill the mesh to the top or side of the gutters
  • Gutter guards should be ready

Guarantee Your Gutter Guards for A Lifetime

At Louisville, Gutter Gorilla offers you a fully enclosed gutter protection system that keeps out leaves, animals, nests, pine needles, grits, and much more. Our gutter guard system is 100% made in the USA and comes with a lifetime no-clog guarantee. You will not have to worry about checking your gutter guards constantly; they will work properly with us and for longer periods!

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