Gutter Cleaning For Beginners

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Cleaning the gutters is weird, risky, and somehow difficult for people that do have previous experience doing it. First of all, you should consider that there is a high probability that you can find debris everywhere, which may also have pests on it. You may require the proper equipment to clean and follow safety measures.

Nevertheless, here are some easy tricks that you should consider if you are decided to start the process by yourself.

5 Gutter Cleaning Tricks

1. First Think About Your Safety

Always tell someone that you will be cleaning your gutters. Use a mask, glasses, proper clothes and boots. Debris, pests, and other substances can appear from your gutter, and you do not know how your body can react to bacteria located there.

2. Position Your Ladder Appropriately

Use ladders with a small shelf to put necessary equipment when cleaning the gutters. Secure the ladder with a lanyard. The most recommended ladder is a one with four-legged.

3. Use A Garden Hose With Pistol-grip

This type of pistol allows you to adjust the water pressure. You can use it with one hand. Remember that you will be using the other for the gutter scoop.

4. Clean the Roof First

If you do not clean it first, then the wind or even the same water from the garden hose may be moving all the debris located there down the gutters.

5. Beware of Electric Cables

Power line cables are dangerous if the protective wire insulation is rubbed. If it is damaged, it can’t be touched by water, because it can create awful accidents with you and within all the house.

The Best Trick Is a Gutter Guard

Gutter guards are devices located on the top of the gutters to ensure that any debris flows into them. It prevents your gutters from being clogged with pests and water. Professionals can install those gutter guards. It can save you from any accident, from wasting money on repairs and time-consuming gutter replacements.

Hire Gutter Gorilla and Get The Best Gutter Guards in Louisville!

Gutter Gorilla does have services for all your gutters needs. They are specialists in what they do and will provide you with excellent customer service. They deliver a quick cleaning procedure to reduce your stress and all the debris and pests located in your roof and gutters. 

Do not wait until the last moment to request a cleaning; you will thank yourself!

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