How To Clean Gutters From The Ground

Understandably, people do not like to see debris on their roofs, usually concentrated on the top of the gutters. That debris does not look good aesthetically but functionally as well. Sometimes, people tend to stress themselves by thinking that their gutters are broken or damaged. However, they only need an appropriate cleaning service in most cases.

You can clean your gutters from the top with ladders on the ground. Nevertheless, both methods bring disadvantages to people who do not have previous experience with such works.

Cleaning Gutters From The Top

To clean your gutters, you have to use a ladder, and it is risky. Insurances cannot cover damages if you are not properly licensed to do that job. You need a garden hose and adjust the water pressure to remove debris; you may use a gutter scoop for bigger debris located on the gutters. They should also clean the roof to avoid debris falling into the gutters.

You should protect your hands and eyes when doing all these because you do not know if pests are inside the gutters or if the debris will cause allergies to your skin. Rubber shoes are also recommended to maintain balance when using the garden hose. Also, the downspouts need to be fully cleaned; if not, the process will be vain.

Cleaning Gutters From The Ground

This type of cleaning is less risky; however, it is more complicated. It demands more equipment such as leaf blowers, wet vacuums, power washers, and garden hoses. First, you will have to be at the end of the gutter and hold the leaf blower out so it will be above your gutter; you turn it on and start blowing all the debris while walking through all the gutters.

After that, you will do the same with the power washer but pausing every few minutes. You are most likely to get wet because the exteriors of your gutters need to be washed as well. For maximum efficient results, you should do the same with a wet vacuum and the garden hose.

The Best Solution is Hiring Gutter Gorilla 

We are a specialized company on gutters; we offer installation, cleaning, and repairs services. We do have an innovative method to meet all your needs and expectations. We also offer services for roofs, windows, and sidings to have a complete package for your exteriors.

Do not stress yourself on trying o to clean alone and without all the necessary equipment. We have the experience and all the proper machinery at hand to work for you. We guarantee clean gutters that will let the water flow and pests out of your house!

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